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National Workshop on the Lesser White-fronted Goose in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Much is still unknown about the occurrence of Lesser White-fronted Geese in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Whereas there are records of several thousand birds wintering there in the late 1970s, coverage has since been very sporadic and limited in extent.  As part of the implementation of the AEWA Single Species Action Plan for the LWfG, the UNEP/AEWA Secretariat proposes to organize a 2-day workshop together with the appointed national focal points for the LWfG in Iran. The workshop would bring together government officials, hunters’ organizations, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders. The goal of the workshop is to start the process of drafting a national action plan for the LWfG in Iran and, in parallel, to launch conservation efforts for the LWfG as soon as possible. Initial discussions with the Iranian focal points have confirmed their interest in organizing such a workshop, which would take place at the end of 2011.